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10 add

Paintball trigger

Awesome stuff


Just add more guns PLEASE like a DLX LUXE and give us the option to veiw a LCD board and be able to choose firing mode, ex: semi, 2 shot burst, and full.and make it so the high scores feture is only in the menu so when Im walking the trigger, it doesnt open up the high scores. Other than that its great! I reccomend buying it!

its cool

maybe a luxe, droid, and cyborg rx? maybe a victory and an impy plus above in next update? oh an oled board would rock. and its a double trigger so one should be two two should be four etc


Sweet app!! Perfect graphics...great job! Totally fun

Blows bps pro out the water

Has most guns and true bps! The leaderboards are filled with people using 8 fingers tho.. Hehe Id like different sounds with the different guns tho; we all know the dm is quieter than the ego lol


this paintball bps app is probably thein the app store. I went from 8 to 13 bps in a few mere weeks. This app is truly awesome!


This is a really awesome app just needs a few more gun with their real sounds

I love this app but.........................

I would realy like there to be the invert mini, dye deathsquad proto and boblong. You guys did a great job. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


why even have this game

Very boring

Its a waste of money

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